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Continue your Ruby on Rails education.

Video lessons so you can keep learning how to be a better developer.

Screencasts for Ruby on Rails Developers

Our screencasts are here to fill in the gaps, explain the confusing pieces, and give you an understanding you can't find elsewhere. There is a lot of "magic" that happens in Ruby on Rails and it's hard to wrap your head around so many different gems and concepts. You'll get to see my actual development environment, how I think about and design code, and learn how to become a confident developer.

Latest Screencasts


Pro Episode CSV Upload Form to Import Records

Episode 44 · February 27, 2015 · Length: 17:13

Learn how to upload CSV files and import records from your Rails application

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Introduction to Importing from CSV

Episode 43 · February 20, 2015 · Length: 16:31

We take a look at the basics of using Ruby's CSV library to import data into your Rails application with a Rake task

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Pro Episode Concerns: Making a Soft Deletable module

Episode 42 · February 12, 2015 · Length: 18:10

An introduction to Ruby on Rails concerns where we build a Soft Deletable module like the Paranoia gem

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Soft Delete with Paranoia

Episode 41 · February 5, 2015 · Length: 16:21

Learn how to soft delete records instead of deleting them permanently from your database

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Pro Episode Fragment Caching And oEmbed

Episode 40 · January 23, 2015 · Length: 14:49

Learn how oEmbed works to dynamically grab embed codes from a URL and how we can use fragment caching to make this more efficient

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Refactoring Controller Methods

Episode 39 · January 15, 2015 · Length: 19:20

Learn how to refactor a complex controller with a bunch of methods into a much cleaner set of code

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Pro Episode Upload Progress with Refile Javascript

Episode 38 · January 3, 2015 · Length: 12:59

Add background uploads and progress easily with Refile's JS library

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File Uploads with Refile

Episode 37 · January 3, 2015 · Length: 23:27

Learn how to upload files with the newest file upload library on the block: Refile

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Comments With Polymorphic Associations

Episode 36 · December 19, 2014 · Length: 23:35

Learn how to set up polymorphic associations, add comments to your app, and think about the structure of your Rails application

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Pro Episode API Tokens with Devise Token Authenticatable

Episode 35 · December 12, 2014 · Length: 17:29

Learn how to create simple API tokens for authentication with Devise

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