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Continue your Ruby on Rails education.

Video lessons so you can keep learning how to be a better developer.

Screencasts for Ruby on Rails Developers

Our screencasts are here to fill in the gaps, explain the confusing pieces, and give you an understanding you can't find elsewhere. There is a lot of "magic" that happens in Ruby on Rails and it's hard to wrap your head around so many different gems and concepts. You'll get to see my actual development environment, how I think about and design code, and learn how to become a confident developer.

Latest Screencasts


Including Javascript and CSS Libraries With Rails

Episode 57 · May 26, 2015 · Length: 6:45

Learn how to include 3rd party Javascript and CSS libraries with the Rails Asset Pipeline

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Pro Episode Refactoring Your jQuery Code with Objects in Coffeescript

Episode 56 · May 21, 2015 · Length: 21:26

A great way to clean up your jQuery spaghetti code is to by using objects in Coffeescript / Javascript

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My Development Environment

Episode 55 · May 15, 2015 · Length: 19:19

Check out my development environment for Ruby on Rails

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Pro Episode Debugging Performance Problems In Your Views

Episode 54 · May 4, 2015 · Length: 8:27

Learn how I discovered and solved a performance bug in's view partial

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How To Setup Vagrant For Rails Development

Episode 53 · April 29, 2015 · Length: 10:17

Learn how to use Vagrant to set up a headless virtual machine for Ruby on Rails development

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Pro Episode Refactoring with the Null Object Pattern

Episode 52 · April 24, 2015 · Length: 9:49

Refactor and simplify your associations and views using Null Objects that let you remove conditionals and have more robust code

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PDF Receipts

Episode 51 · April 17, 2015 · Length: 13:16

Learn how to add PDF receipts to your application so users can easily download receipts of their purchases

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Pro Episode Using Ruby Service Objects To Refactor Your Rails Code

Episode 50 · April 10, 2015 · Length: 12:54

Learn how to refactor your Rails model callbacks into plain old ruby objects that help organize your code

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Newsletter Sign Up Form with country_select

Episode 49 · April 4, 2015 · Length: 18:50

How to plan and build a newsletter sign up form

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Pro Episode Handling Subdomains and Multitenancy From Scratch

Episode 48 · March 26, 2015 · Length: 23:05

Learn how to handle subdomains in your Rails application for multi-tenant applications

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