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Video lessons to learn how to be a better developer.

Usability And Video Autoplay With Wistia

Learn about video autoplaying with Wistia and how it improves usability

Pro Episode

Open Source Vlog - Writing Rspec Tests

How do we go about writing robust tests with rspec for simple_calendar?

Redirect To Current Page After Login

Learn how to redirect your Rails app users to the current page after they login

Pro Episode

Open Source Vlog - Sorting Calendar Events

We sort and filter calendar events for simple_calendar 2.0 in a much more friendly manner

@Mentions, Autocomplete, Notifications, and Links

Learn how to add @mentions, autocomplete, notifications, and link parsing

Pro Episode

Open Source Vlog - Rails Generators

Today we're adding Rails generators as our final piece of the puzzle for SimpleCalendar2.0

Open Source Vlog - Refactoring Events And Uploading Version 2.0

Refactoring events in simple_calendar and uploading version 2.0

Rails 5's ActionCable and Websockets Introduction

Learn how Rails 5's new ActionCable and Websocket feature works with Redis in realtime

Elegant Refactoring for Week and Month Calendars

Since we have a great design for simple_calendar, it makes creating new types super elegant and easy

Open Source Vlog - Simple And Clean RubyGem With Rails Engines

Rails Engines really make our code shine for simple_calendar

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