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Screencasts for intermediate Ruby on Rails developers.

Video lessons to learn how to be a better developer.

Background Workers with ActiveJob and Sidekiq

Learn how to add background workers to your Rails app using ActiveJob and powering it with Sidekiq

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Admin Interfaces with Administrate

The new admin gem from Thoughtbot shows some promise for easy to customize admin interfaces in your Rails app

Using Webhooks with Stripe

Learn how to add Stripe Webhooks into your Rails application

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Contributing To Open Source: Fixing A Bug In Devise

See how I discovered and fixed a bug in the Devise open source project

Adding Stripe update card form, Cancel, and Resubscribe

Learn how to polish your Stripe subscriptions by adding update card forms, cancellation buttons, and letting users seamlessly resubscribe

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Subscriptions with Stripe

Learn how to capture credit cards and add paid subscriptions to your Rails app

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Advanced Search, Autocomplete and Suggestions with ElasticSearch and the Searckick gem

Learn how to add advanced search, autocomplete, suggestions and more using Searchkick and ElasticSearch

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Using Bootstrap 4 Rubygem with Rails

Bootstrap 4 was just announced and you can start using it today in your Rails app

Scheduled Cron Jobs with the Whenever Gem

Learn how to run scheduled (nightly, weekly, monthly) jobs using cron on your server with the Whenever gem

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Scheduling Posts

Learn how to schedule posts in draft, published, and scheduled modes

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